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Make your Kids have a perfect start

It is very important that children at their young age have a perfect schooling, after all they deserve it. Our institution is one such place where children will certainly enjoy being a part of it. The child-centric infrastructure, innovative curriculum and compassionate teachers are Bachpan’s salient features. We work hard to make sure that each child in our school experiences interesting, informative, encouraging and joyful education.

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Bachpan programs

Play Group

At Bachpan, we have set up the environment in such a way that it enlightens the child’s growth.We introduce them to different streams of learning like art, physical education, rhymes, music and dance.


At Bachpan, children of this phase are introduced to Montessori environment that will help them function independently and thereby develop his/her skills by his own self to adapt to the environment.


We are aware of the fact that the reasoning skills creeps up in them at this age. They learn math, language, creative concepts, art & craft, colours & shapes and so on. Eventually our curriculum also incorporates on reading and writing, enriching memory skills and thinking skills.


Children of this age group are quick learners. They show immense interest and enthusiasm in learning new things. Our curriculum is set up such that we quench their thirst of learning by doing purposeful activities

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Montessori Education in Bachpan

Montessori Education

Children are introduced to five different areas (Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture) simultaneously.

Based on observation, the teacher finds out the capability of each child.


Prismart - Magic digital tool


This prolific discovery by Bachpan is to make children learn through audio visual method.

They get to see animated images as well get to learn with joy with the help of Prismart technology


Speak-o-Pen - Singing Pen


We are the pioneers of introducing this technology in early education.

The kit has a smart book and a smart pen that play songs and sounds out words. Through speak-o-pen children learn easily and very effectively.

Why choose us over others?

In Bachpan, we focus upon the child. We put the child’s needs in front of all the others. We, a team of extremely hardworking management, dedicated teachers and caring supporting staff work together with zeal to make our children enjoy an impeccable schooling in their childhood. Our sincere efforts and clear vision have made us to be one of the best play schools in Chennai.

Reason 1

Reason 1

We take the pride of launching the distinctive concept of the “Doll House” which has the samples of a dressing table, a kitchen, a living room, a dining room and a doctor’s kit.

The speak-o-pen and Prismart are the other feathers in our hat.

Reason 2

Reason 2

We are one of the few play schools who follows the Montessori principles to teach various concepts. We have a full fledged Montessori classroom at our premises. The trained and experienced teachers of our school bring out the ability of each child to the fullest.

Reason 3

Reason 3

Bachpan has a spacious and a generous infrastructure which has enormous space for children to move freely. Our capacious audiovisual room and galore thematic rooms are unique.

We also have infinite area for gym arena, ball pool, splash pool and sand pit.

Comments from Parents

Bacpan play school chennai - Comments from parents
School Management and teachers are very good and satisfied with my daughter skills.
Aanya Goyal Parmar
Bacpan play school chennai - Comments from parents
Thanks for all the people in the school especially management, teachers and akkas who has supported and help my kid to bloom in his skills.
Rakshit jain
Bacpan play school chennai - Comments from parents
Innovative method of learning techniques, Bachpan school has lots of events like grandparents day etc…
Bacpan play school chennai - Comments from parents
Teachers are so cheerful and campus is full of care and delightful.
Divyanshi Daga

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