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Help Desk

You can find a list of Details here.

Student ID card

Children have to wear ID cards with filled in details and a fixed photograph to the school daily

Parent ID card

The person who comes to pick the child should bring the ID card daily. Children will not be sent to those who do not carry the ID card.The ID card that parents hold should have filled in details and photographs of at least three people who would likely to pick up the child on daily basis. Anybody who comes to pick up apart from the regular person should have a proper signed letter from the parent.

Late comers

  • Make sure that the child gets dropped on time. Regular late comers will be noted and be fined
  • If you are late due an emergency or for a valid reason then bring the child till the office room and do not leave him/her at the gate. From the office room we shall guide the child to their respective classrooms.

Leave letter

  • As we all are aware that the morning hours of the school is always busy, we request you not to call during that time to inform leave or late reasons. Instead you can send us a email with the child’s name, class and roll number stating the reason or you can bring a leave letter
  • Do not inform us about your child’s leave orally
  • If we find a child take off for days together without any information or reason, we shall remove off the child’s name from the register

Birthday celebrations

If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday in school, please send them an eggless cake, paper plates, tissues and plastic spoons. The respective class teachers will cut the cake with the child and serve it to the other children.


  • It is important that children wear comfortable clothes for them to function freely in the school. The uniform that we provide during the time of admission will have right measurements and will be just perfect for them. Parents have to make sure that it is washed and ironed daily. A handkerchief has to be pinned up on to the uniform with a help of the nappy pin or metal clip.
  • An extra spare of clothes (that should also be labeled) should be sent to the school. Gold/platinum jewelries like bangles, anklets and earrings can be avoided. We are not responsible for the loss of the same.
  • Whenever we have the splash pool activity, we expect the child to bring swimsuit, towel and a pair of slip-on footwear. The child will certainly not be allowed to enjoy the splash pool if he/she forgets to bring any of the necessary things.

Phone calls

  • Kindly DONOT call us on Saturday, Sundays, Holidays or on any other day other than the specified time.
  • In case of emergency, government declared bandh, unscheduled holidays, rain holidays etc the information will be sent to the parents via SMS