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Parent Education

  A young child who is hardly younger than five years steps out from his home environment and enters into the school perhaps with insecurity and doubts. This is because the child might have come from the place where he/she is considered as the center of his home. But, when it comes to a learning environment (school), the same scenario may not prevail. This change may create chaos and agitations within the child. As parents, we have to understand that and help the child to come over it.

    When the child weeps and says that he does not want to come to the school, don’t get upset. The child can come out of it over a period of time. It is advisable not to feed the child too much for breakfast because if he cries a lot in school, he may puke.

      At school we will try our best to make him eat his snacks but even if he/she does not finish it, don’t get frustrated, we will make sure that he drinks enough water.