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Parent’s Cooperation


We strongly believe that it is very essential to have a good rapport with parents. Their cooperation is highly required for smooth functioning. Any parent would want to do only the best for their child. We keep this in our mind and try to do only the best in all endeavors. At the same time, it is equally important that parents also understand that their cooperation plays a vital role. They should be aware of the rules and try to abide by it.

At Bachpan, we have unbiased and non-partial approach. Since we know for the fact that every child is unique, we let them to participate in all the activities. Every child is given chance and is treated equally in all aspects. We create forums for them to exhibit their talent but never push or pressurize them to win it. For us creating opportunities for children is very important rather than making them to taste the success.

We request the parents to keep these in their mind and not pressurize the child and stress them in any way. Each child has their own phase of development. We wish parents understand this and never compare the child with anyone and keep pushing them only towards the victory. If a child is not compared instead let to gradually grow in his own rhythm, then that child will function harmoniously.