A child begins to enter into the school when he/she is 18 months old. This period of a child’s life plays a vital role as it is the time in which his/her’s physical and mental development would be more than ever. At Bachpan, we have set up the environment in such a way that it enlightens the child’s growth. We let children to experience hands on learning that will make a better impact on the concepts. We are aware that they are keen observers and so we introduce them to different streams of learning like art, physical education, rhymes, music and dance.

 This is a very important and crucial phase in a child’s life. Keeping this in our mind, we have designed our curriculum that identifies each individual child’s need. The PRISMART technology is introduced at this age so that they can watch 3D animated content instead of reading textbooks. They learn songs and rhymes through speak-o-kit. They get to listen to simple yet attractive tunes so that they can learn the songs quickly. Colorful and thematic environment, friendly teachers, nurturing ambience enables children to learn with ease.

Activities are designed such that each sense of the child is enhanced. By enriching each sense the child will be able to classify, categorize, judge and predict things better than before. Another advantage of Montessori environment is that children are introduced to phonetic sounds so that they are exposed to rich vocabulary right from their young age.

18 Months -2.5 Years

3 Hours Per Day

Documents to be enclosed at the time of Admission:

1.Photocopy of child’s Date of birth certificate

2. Photocopy of Ration card/voter I-card/Aadhar card of any one of the Parent

3.Child’s Immunization history

4.SIX passport size photographs of the child

5. THREE passport size photographs of the parent