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Pre KG

Researchers say that children of this age use their senses to learn things from the environment. We strongly believe that each child is unique and has got his/her own capabilities. At Bachpan, children of this phase are introduced to Montessori environment that will help them function independently and thereby develop his/her skills by his own self to adapt to the environment.

In Montessori classroom, children are introduced to five different areas (Practical life, Sensorial, Language, Math and Culture) simultaneously. Based on observation, the teacher finds out the capability of each child and according to one’s ability, the activities are shown in order (one after the other)

The materials in the Montessori environment are realistic ones and are not toys. So, these materials are not meant for children to play but to “work” with it. Since, most of the materials are made out of wood, aluminum and other natural sources, the child will have to rally use his motor skills to function in the environment.

Each material is introduced to the child by the teacher in the ratio 1:1 which means each child will be given special attention. Apart from this, group presentations are also part of the curriculum. These group activities will help children to learn how to be a part of a group and also how to function harmoniously with other children

2.6 Years to 3.5 Years

4 Hours Per Day

Documents to be enclosed at the time of Admission:

1.Photocopy of child’s Date of birth certificate

2. Photocopy of Ration card/voter I-card/Aadhar card of any one of the Parent

3.Child’s Immunization history

4.SIX passport size photographs of the child

5. THREE passport size photographs of the parent